Rainforest Alliance in Tea Industry

Rainforest Alliance in Tea Industry

What Rainforest Alliance is

The Rainforest Alliance organization is an international non-profit organization, making the business a responsible business through the conservation of biodiversity and ensuring a sustainable livelihood. The organization aims to create a sustainable growing world with companies, farmers, forest growers, communities and consumers and with nature.

The logo of this organization Rainforest Alliance (RA) certification is a green frog. These green frog certified products verify that farmers or any other agricultural business have been audited to meet the required environmental and social standards.

Rainforest Alliance in Tea

The RA certified seal can be found in most products, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, airlines and food and beverages in the world. This ensures that customer satisfaction and consuming products are produced environmentally and in compliance with social standards. With this in mind, tea-making companies are trending towards getting RA certification. This benefits both tea-making companies and the tea consumer.

Many Companies of tea-producing countries, such as Sri Lanka, Kenya, and India, have already obtained RA certification as the tea market in the world is reluctant to buy tea without the RA certification. In this scenario, it is necessary to obtain an RA certificate for a garden mark, which means that the respective estate will have to obtain the RA certificate separately. The benefit of obtaining this certification is that RA tea makes more profit than non-RA tea.

There are several indicators to consider when obtaining RA certification. In particular, plantation staff and workers are educated on establishing chemical and buffer zones around biodiversity, listing the locations of biodiversity related animals and informing workers about them, and the ongoing water testing. In addition to achieving RA certification, reducing the use of chemicals, educating employees on the use of chemicals, properly documenting the use of chemicals, and managing human resources according to social standards. The rainforest alliance has made a significant contribution to enhancing national efforts aimed at protecting the biodiversity of the world and protecting areas including natural forests.

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