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Sri Lanka Tea Board Global Promotion Campaign held in Kyiv, Ukraine

WorldFood 2019 international Exhibition held in Kyiv, Ukraine

One of the major exhibitions on food products and beverages, that generate cash flow for the food industry and restaurant businesses in Ukraine is ” World Food Ukraine 2019″.One of a global campaign of Sri Lanka Tea Board was launched at 28th WorldFood 2019 international Exhibition in Moscow on September 24 and it’s a one of Russia’s premier retail and wholesale companies serving the global food and beverage industry, the main export platform to reach buyers.

Sri Lanka Tea Board unveiled the 2nd edition of the al Promotion Campaign in Kyiv, Ukraine. This is the first time in 150 years that Ceylon Tea has launched an international marketing campaign of this magnitude. And also Rs. 200 million has been earmarked for Ukraine until 2021 under the global campaign by Sri Lanka Tea Board. According to the Sri Lanka Tea Board, 241 companies from 23 countries participating for this year “World Food Ukraine 2019” and organizers are expecting over 9,000 visitors from 27 countries of the world.

It is very important that the Sri Lanka Tea Board engage in such promotions. Because it may be a good solution to the current situation in the tea industry and the future. According to people involved in the tea business, this kind of promotion will be very important for the future of the tea industry.


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